• Barclays HQ NYC Base
  • Barclays HQ NYC Top from Above
  • Barclays HQ NYC Top from street
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In September 2008 Barclays took over Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.’s headquarters building and promptly staked its claim to Times Square by adding its logo to the tower’s trademark video screens over Seventh Avenue. Intelligent illumination was designed and installed creating a sleek, shimmering facade behind the ten foot letters. The next phase of the re-branding worked to change the top of the building into lantern with the corporate mark on all four sides of the exterior facade. The top of the skyscraper, containing mechanical equipment, is sheathed in a glass curtain wall. The glass was covered in a film that made the glass wall translucent rather than transparent and illuminated from the inside, creating a beacon that beautifully grabs the eye.